“Who is she?”

My friend glared at me and repeated her question again, who is she? Bewildered she stared into my face, searching for an answer.

“How do you know her Sarah?” “What is your relationship to her?”

I had met her accidentally, one afternoon in July, in a beautiful flower filled courtyard. She looked towards me and caught my eye, we both paused and fixed our eyes on each other. Within seconds her eyes widened and began to glow.

Warmth, purity, innocence – Love.

She handed me a plastic cup of water, an act so strange and so simple. How could such a heart be so rich in love – who was she?

Three months passed by and sadness came. Sadness and mourning. I still remember that evening, we were sat in the garden when the news came. Her father had died. The news hit the embracing community hard, he had been a pillar of support and encouragement, suddenly we stood alone, bereft of a dear friend. But that night, no heart broke faster than hers.

The following day I heard news from England, my Grandmother had died. She found me, sat in the garden surrounded by beauty pondering the loss of such a dear woman. She looked at me through a pair of red-rubbed tear stained eyes and stared into my broken spirit whispering undoubtedly the most powerful words in existence.

“I love you Sarah”

After five months her laugh began to return, slowly. There were four of us gathered in her mothers small sitting room. Her hair was being cut for the  first time in months by a treasured friend. Strands of her hair fell to the ground and we all laughed and chuckled together. Once again I caught a glimpse of her gentle, healing heart through the same purifying words.

“I love you Sarah”

And then my birthday came. She found me and sat next to me holding a plate with a piece of bread and butter.

“Happy Birthday, Sarah! Happy Birthday!”

I looked up to see my friend staring at me with the same confusion on her face.

“But Sarah, who is she?”

Who is she? She is the radiance of the sun amidst the darkness that surrounds her. She is gentle and soft like a dove, like peace. Her eyes are full of care and admiration for every soul that passes by. She is simply a lover, a person destined to love. People look at her as if she was different and unusual – she is unusual – THANK GOD – we need unusual!

She is unusual because of her hope – the hope within her outshines the darkness of adversity. She is a lover to be sure, a lover of the ultimate lover – her father God in heaven, just like her parents before her.

She is a warrior and some would even argue, an angel. She has faced many challenges in her life and she will always continue to conquer them.

I looked down towards the table as my phone began to ring. I accepted the call and was greeted by the familiar words of that same, sweet friend.

“Marhaba Sarah, Keefik? I love you!”


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