A compassion rose: One of the best modern climbers. The well-shaped, hybrid tea blooms are salmon-pink, tinted with apricot-orange. Sweet fragrance. … More



It’s very strange, weird. I turned on my computer and logged into Facebook yesterday and there it was, sitting there … More



To the woman that I am privileged to call my grandmother and my role model. *** I wish that you could have met … More


اللغة العربية والقدس

قبل ٤ سنوات قررت أن أدرس اللغات في الجامعة وفي رأيي هدأ القرار كان واحد من أهم القرارات في حياتي. … More


Father’s Joy 

– Sometimes life is beautiful, and sometimes it brings more burdens than we feel we can bear. Often these burdens come hand in hand with choices, decisions that we must make on behalf of someone else.



“Yella habibi, let’s go! I’m free until the morning”

And so we drove away from the vibrant lights of Amman, far from the city streets, we drove.


Her name is Bravery

Dear Brave Girl,

I am sorry that we are so quick to misunderstand you. I am sorry that we only seem to see your scars and fail to acknowledge your never ending battle, your daily struggle and your fighting heart.

I’m sorry for the way that you have been treated, and for the way your trust has been broken time and time again.

This story is for you – it’s a tribute to you. We respect you and honor you. Don’t give up, no mistake you have made can define you!