Her name is Bravery

Dear Brave Girl,

I am sorry that we are so quick to misunderstand you. I am sorry that we only seem to see your scars and fail to acknowledge your never ending battle, your daily struggle and your fighting heart.

I’m sorry for the way that you have been treated, and for the way your trust has been broken time and time again.

This story is for you – it’s a tribute to you. We respect you and honor you. Don’t give up, no mistake you have made can define you!


“Who is she?”

My friend glared at me and repeated her question again, who is she? Bewildered she stared into my face, searching for an answer.

“How do you know her Sarah?” “What is your relationship to her?”

Her Story

The lady who inspired me to write this story is truly very special. Each time that I travel to Jerusalem she constantly welcomes me into her home and openly tells me her stories. She imparts wisdom and life lessons to all who enter her house, everything that she has she counts as a blessing and she loves to share with the people around her.